4 underground Projects that I would listen to before listening to the new Eminem B side Album

This week’s album drops are controlled mostly by the underground scene of rap and hip hop. Before you jump out the roof at me and say the people I have listed are not underground. Please keep in mind Eminem also released Music to be Murdered to, B side. It is a Deluxe version of the album he released under the same name earlier this year. All these artists in comparison I would consider underground because they would not be widely known to people outside of their respective fan bases. I have not listened to Music to Be Murdered to, A Side but if you like Eminem’s style of rapping you should be able to find a project from this list you find just as enjoyable.

Mack Dizzle is coming out of the east side of Toronto with a 9 song 26-minute project called Thinking Out Loud. This album is filled with tons of old school R&B samples. This collection is perfect for the person looking to lock into some desk work or just clearing their mind. The most noticeable feature on the ep would have to be the new verse from fallen rapper Bvlly (Long Live Bvlly). This album feels like Mack Dizzle is paying Homage to the Friend he lost. You can feel the pain in the lyrics. The first track that stood out for me was Second Story Diaries where Mack breaks down the promises he made to Bvlly before he passed. Next was the song Covid-19 where he preaches safe practices to the boys that are still running the streets during the pandemic. Last song that stuck with me was the outro that had Bvlly Featured on the song. Like Mack goes into earlier in the Album. Bvlly was fresh off a meeting with Atlantic Records before he was murdered. Leads one to believe the age-old sentiment that Toronto people hate to see people make it out. The bonus track on the album, Outta Town Freestyle really left me wanting for more Mack Dizzle music and I am excited to see what this young man can contribute to Toronto Music in the future.

Next Album on the list here is Sniper Gang artist out of Florida, Jack boy with his Project – Love Me While I am Here.  LMWIH is loaded with a ton of industry features. Appearances from the likes of Tyga, Kodak Black, Juelz Santanna and 42 Dugg among many others. Jack Boy does a great job on this project of making sure we know that he has his own style independent of that of Kodak Black, his label boss. With most of the songs on this project being high tempo, it is perfect for playing in the car or while working out. In my opinion it is his best body of work to date. With the run time being 51 minutes and 18 songs deep, I can understand if you do not have the time to commit to the whole project. Especially if you are new to Jack boy as an artist. The standout tracks for me are Killin A Sport, Devil in my Head, Pressure Bust Pipes, Own My Masters, Hear me crying and No love. This album is a great balance between expressing his pain from growing up in and around the streets. To street anthems that celebrate the progress he has been able to make in the industry and for his family.

Up Next for me this week was Hood life Krisis vol 3 by up and comer J.I. The Prince of NY. Like his names suggest, J.I is out of New York and if you have not heard Vol 1 and 2 of these projects, I advise you to go back and listen to them. Like Vol 3 they are very concise projects. With vol 3 being 7 songs and 22 minutes long. Filled top to bottom with Bangers. Including homage to his Puerto Rican heritage with reggaeton song Suficiente. After listening to one or more songs by J.I you may think to yourself that his sound is very similar to A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Another popular melodic rapper out of the same city that made the style famous. Ironically, A Boogie is the only feature on this album as well, appearing on track 2, R&B Shit.  For me, this album is perfect for a late-night car ride or if you need something to listen to while out for a run or on the treadmill. This collection is best consumed from top to bottom in one listen. If that is not your style or you simply do not have time. The tracks I would recommend you add to your playlists are Letter 2 u, What It’s Like and Calling out. 

Finally, Crime Scenes by Ransom and Nicholas Craven is perfect for the real Rap fan. As Ransom lyrically dissects all 21 minutes of this 7-song project over heavy instrumentation. With 3 features from underground lyricist Stove God Cooks out of Syracuse, New York. Ransom has been a staple in the East Coast rap scene since the early 2000s and has kept his foot on the scene’s neck since. Combined with Canadian producer Nicholas Craven out of Montreal, Quebec. The perfect collection to put you in the zone before a big sporting event or just to help you get locked in for a big performance.  If you like Gangster rap and drug dealing music this is the project for you. My favorite tracks off the album was a hard call as I love it all but if I had to choose, I would go with Good Times, 25th Hour, The Rite and A Most Violent Year. If you enjoy this project be sure to check out both Ransom and Nicholas Craven’s collections as they have been in the game a long time and have a wide selection of music to pull from.

If you listen to any of these projects and songs and find one you do enjoy, let me know and share this post with a friend!

Signing off,

Ryley J 

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