5 Albums better than Jack Harlow’s and Kid Cudi’s latest albums

 IF you are a big fan of either rapper, the title probably drew you here to see what the hell I am talking about. Some of the main issues I had with both albums is that Jack Harlow’s Album was 2 short and way 2 slow for the type of songs I enjoy from him (Tyler Herro). On the Flip Side for the Cudi Album within 9 songs of the 20-song album.  I had a hard time staying focused because it felt like he was just humming on every track. Like the problem people like Da baby have where their patented sound may be a little over played for some.

  While I am not here to sway your opinions. I am here to put you onto some projects you may not have listened to or found on your own. Let me know what you think or if you plan on adding any of these songs to your playlists.

The first album that I really enjoyed this week is by Toronto Artist Pressa.  Gardiner Expressway is his first album of 2020.  Pressa uses the 18-minute run time of the album as a street diary. With a lot of pure rapping and not many hooks. Noticeable features on the Album include New York drill rapper Sheff G, Viral Brooklyn artist Flip Dinero and Kodak Black’s right-hand man Jack boy. If you are not interested in playing the whole album, I would make sure you check out these 3 tracks. In my opinion they are the standouts from the project: Out the Mud, Head Tap and Dracula.

Second Album that hit the spot for me this week was Merlot by Maxwell Hunter. Its 7 songs and about 24 minutes in total run time. MaxWell takes a classic R&B approach and lays out his heart break and how he copes from moving on from one of the loves of his life. This album is so heavy with instrumentation, with 2 songs being almost all instruments and no vocals. When he is singing, he floats over the piano and saxophone like not many others. My go to songs from this project must be Got to know, Cynthia, Lush and Velvet Days.

The next album I really enjoyed is ZayStreet by Young Scooter and Zaytoven. The Atlanta Natives teamed up to bring the Streets 12 new anthems running about 38 minutes in total. This project is loaded from top to bottom with industry features. So, if you are into Atlanta Trap music, there has to be at least one song that you will love off this project. Appearances from the likes of 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Future and Chief Keef just to name a few. If you are familiar with Futures Catalog at all this album gives me Astronaut Status 1 Feels. Due to all the melodic, auto tune sounding rapping over heavy trap beats. This album is a bit longer than the 2 listed above so if you were looking for a couple bangers to add to your Serato look no further than Black Migo , Trap slow, Pound Packing , Pressure and Beat Cry.

This album may be my favorite of the week. The Album being Vory by Vory. The project is 15 songs and runs 41 minutes long. I would classify this as an alternative R&B album since he does rap quite a bit. Although most of the album is him singing over Heavy Trap drums. This project was a real coming of age for Vory as he expresses his regrets for how a mutually toxic relationship ended and reflects on the things he should have done differently. There is only one noticeable feature on this album coming from Meek Mill on Ain’t it Funny. The songs that I think are a must listen to off this project are his side, Bad guy, cc interlude, Harder than pain and Lil Benny.

The last album I have from you is from one of my new finds of 2020. Real bad Boldy is by Boldly James, a lyrical rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Produced by Real Bad Man, a collective out of Los Angeles known for making street wear and fire beats. Conversely from the trap album I listed above that is out of Georgia. Boldly is really rapping. Similarly, to Pressa he uses the 10 song, 30-minute run time album to reflect on old times and let people know he is the man in the streets now. Real Bad Man provides unique production combining tons of guitar, drums and horns creating a sound that reflects well to the Coast they are from. This project is loaded with underground features. The most noticeable being Stove God Cooks on Thousand Pills. That song is included with some of the other standouts on this project: Failed Attempt, Held me Down, Street Shit and Champion. If you enjoyed this Tape from Boldy be sure to check out The Price of Tea in China that dropped earlier in 2020.

That is all I got for yall this week, if you enjoyed any of my selections tune back into my blog next week for some more undercover finds.

Signing off,

Ryley J 

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