Assessing the damage : a failure to lead

With the Federal government announcing the first round of COVID-19 Vaccines should be available for the most at-risk populations. I would like to take stock at how Canada, and the province of Ontario have done in their response to the. I will be looking at 3 main things: The current state of the Job market, The Travel restrictions for Canadians and the current state of the long-term care home crisis.

Cerb should be converted to a Universal Basic Income type payment.

First, a major indicator I will be looking at is the Stalling Job market. According to stats can. Employment numbers were on the rise in November at a rate of .3% for the nation and .5% for the Province of Ontario. This is compared to the avg rate of 2.7 % growth from May to September. This Stall can be explained when you consider the effect of the new public health measures put in place in many parts of the Country. Specifically, Toronto and Manitoba. Although there has been some promising growth in Construction, transportation, and warehousing. With the Province of Ontario adding 28000 jobs to those sectors in Nov.

Many young adults that had their Student debt frozen by the government, have had to start repaying again as of September 1.While being un-able to get in contact with the National loan center due to call volume (Link) Not to mention that due to the unclear messages presented to Canadians about the eligibility requirements of Cerb. Canadians are now being asked to repay that loan in full by the last day of 2020. Resulting in up to $14,000 for some heading into the holidays. Many of these people may still be without work. Leading to many left wing socialist groups calling for recovery assistance in the form of a Universal Basic Income. More info found here

I would walk 500 miles

With all the imposing of local restrictions done by the provincial government of Ontario, you would think that Travel outside of the province, let alone country would be up for debate. In Atlantic Canada you could not travel into any of those provinces without applying to get in first. As for the rest of Canada the federal government has advised against nonessential out of province travel. But if in instance you do find yourself out of province you have been asked to quarantine for 14 days upon your return. The same can be said for traveling outside of Canada altogether. If the lack of Travel is really getting you down feel free to check out this link of Countries accepting Canadians and their terms upon entry. Just keep in mind the price and availability of travel insurance are dependent on the co-vid numbers in the country you are traveling to. Also, you will still be required to quarantine on your arrival back to Canada. The Question must be asked why the airlines are able to stay operating while many small and medium sized businesses are fighting for their lives?

Long term care is still in shambles and the Ontario government  is profiting from it. 

 Much has transpired in the world of Long term care homes since I wrote. CALLING FOR LEADERSHIP – OUR LONG TERM CARE IS IN CRISIS But not much has changed. As can be seen by the lack of action at both the Federal and Provincial levels of governments.

Just taking a look at the live updated statistics from the government of Ontario’s website outlining the devastating impact the COVID-19 has had on the long term care homes of the province. Premier Ford has continually hesitated to act when condemning for pay long term care homes that do not comply with the provinces COVID-19 regulations. Provincial long term care minster Dr. Merrilee has gone further to say that she would like to pass the buck to local health officials in terms of restrictions for the long-term care homes in their jurisdictions. The Same can be said of Justin Trudeau and the Federal government.

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In response to the NDP’s outcry for more trained workers and more hours of care per person in long term care. The Ford Government created a new job title that allows Long term Care homes to bring on temporary un-trained workers (Resident support aides) at minimum wage to help. When the call was for more trained professionals and a pay raise to better reflect the important work, they are doing. 

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The Minster of Long-Term Care in Ontario has done little to nothing in terms of leadership. Combined with the fact that the Ford Government has received $30,000 from For Pay Long term care lobbyists. Ontario has far more for pay homes than any other Province or Territory in the country. To make matters worse all of those lobbyists have worked or been connected to the Ford Government in one way or another. The purpose of these lobbyist positions is to help keep the public interest in mind and to be advocates of the Long-term care workers and Residents. When in all reality that has been the exact opposite of what is currently happening. 

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The Take away

At every turn and every opportunity both the Ontario provincial Government and the   Federal Government have failed to keep the best interest of their constituencies in mind when making policy choices. While on the flip side the leaders on the far left have been advocating for the average and hard-working Canadians and Ontarians. Please Keep that in mind the next time an election comes around and these very same politicians start making campaign promises. Please remember who chose big business over the common Canadian. Do not forget that the leaders of the NDP and Green Parties will continue to fight for you even if you do not support them. The same can not always be said about the Conservative parties & Liberal parties of Ontario and Canada.

Signing off,

Ryley J

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