Logo Betting : For the Casual or non EXISTENT sports fan.

I know plenty of NFL fans are avid bettors. Whether it be daily fantasy, Proline or making picks through online websites.

My goal of writing this blog is to give you a way, you can make watching sports and betting on games fun for the person or people you are convincing to watch the games with you.

The premise is simple. Give the person the full slate of games.Let them choose the game winner off a random team fact for that week. I am using the NFL as an example, but this can be done with any sport.

This week I chose logos and had 6 of my friends that are not heavily invested in the NFL, pick 6 winners and I played 5 dollars on each ticket. With the promise to split the winnings.

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If any of the plays get to about $50-$60 in early cash out, I will take the money and run.

This can be done with out money, instead you can pit their picks against yours or a group. While putting something fun on the line for the winner. Such as cooking/paying for dinner, doing the dishes, or putting the kids to bed.

If you do play please play responsibly!

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Ryley J

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