Calling for leadership – our Long Term Care is in crisis

Getting the Ball Rolling

If it was not clear before the Covid-19 crisis hit, It’s abundantly clear now, Long-term care homes in Ontario need more support, let’s face it, they’re in crisis and we need our politicians to act. 

This pandemic has disproportionately impacted the most vulnerable among us and has exposed systemic inequities in our Long-term care facilities.

Sure, If you followed the words of many of our politicians today, it seems like they all agree but there has been no tangible action.  So what’s the roadblock?  Well, it’s very clear to me and to many that the Ontario government failed to act.

Making the Case

Read more- Ontario Ndp plan changes to long term care

Provincial NDP Party Leader Andrea Horwath proposed an 8-year plan that would make full-scale changes to long-term care in the province. The plan would cost 6 billion in initial investment and 3 billion a year in operating costs. Calling for a 50 percent increase in spending in the long-term care sector.

It is common knowledge that Covid-19 has been devastating to our aging population around the world and the numbers are shocking

Ghosts of Leaders Past

The province was under Liberal leadership for 15 years dating back to the fall of 03’ ending in the fall of 18′. During that time They laid out 3 comprehensive plans in 2010, 2013,2017: Aging at home, Independence, Activity and Good Health and Aging with Confidence.

 Some might say as a result aging adults are entering long term care homes with more health complications than ever before. Leaving the system under ready to deal with the backlog.

Reporting Live From the Front Lines.

Read More- Ontario long term Care home Lays off 60 Unionized workers?

Long-term care workers have been asking for support. When they do they are met with hostility. It seems even the Ontario Long Term Care Association is opposed to staffing standards.


If nothing else, I hope they can reach an agreement on a staffing standard.Premier Mike Harris and the Ontario PCs got rid of it in 1996. Premier Dalton McGuinty promised to make a change in 2003. Maybe this time it will be the NDP, led by a woman that will take the province where it needs to go.

Signing off

Ryley J

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