Betting Basics

With all the Major American sports leagues set to return in the coming days/weeks, I thought it might be a good idea to drop some basic betting tips the average sports fan can use to try and make a little extra money while watching.

That being said, always bet responsibility and within your limits. These tips are angled towards how to start small and finish big. Whatever big might mean to you.

The first thing I like to do before uploading money to a betting site is to establish how many games I may want to play for the night and how I want to play them. 

If I choose to single bet games vs parlay them, there are a few ways I normally play that situation. First, I would identify all the games with a heavy favorite. These games are normally a lot safer, especially when just starting out with your bankroll. If I am going to play this way, I typically like to do this with a favorite that is playing earlier on in the day. So, if there is an underdog I am high on playing later in the night, I have a bigger bankroll to play in that game. Additionally, when looking to bet on the heavy favourite to win, I sometimes wait for the game to start to see if the favorite falls behind early, for increased odds. This tactic is a bit more aggressive but can lead to much better payouts. Normally, I only use that strategy consistently when betting on the top 3 to 5 best teams in the sport. The last maneuver I may make when single betting games is to bet on the underdog. The hope is that they get ahead early and you cash out of the bet while the return is positive. Depending on the site you use, you may not be able to cash out early. I use Bet365 and that is one of the main reasons I stick with this platform.

Moving on to playing parlays, where there are 2 main things I want to touch on; first is how you pick the games to be in your parlay, the second is the type of parlays you can play. 

Easiest way, in my opinion, for less experienced bettors to play parlays, is to find 3 mid to heavy favorites you like and put them on a ticket. This works really well at the start of a bank roll. Especially if you like playing smart and plan on betting on games for multiple days. In a perfect world, you are taking the better team on paper and you should be in a favorable position to cash out of the parlay if you do not feel like letting it run to the end of all the games. With that established base of 2-3 games, if you wish to play a bit more aggressive you can add 1-2 underdog plays. Like I stated above, I would position those games to be later on in the night so if the heavy favorites hit, you will be in a great spot to cash out if your underdogs take the lead early.

Now that you have your games selected, it is time to choose what type of parlay you want to play. The number of game markers you select will determine the number of parlay types you have to choose from. These are called Round Robin Parlays. For example if you have 5 games ready to bet on. You can bet on all 5 games as 1 bet or to round robin the 5 games for a total of 26 parlays. This style of betting works really well when starting with smaller bankrolls. As you can get the most action for your $$$.

I hope these fundamentals help you pick up a bit of cash while betting on your favorite sports. I am going to start posting my best picks and parlays on my new Instagram @rjpicksandparlays at least 2-3 times a week.


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